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Accessible Pécs

Making transportation, administration, events and the overall city life accessible for locals and tourists is a priority in Pécs.

The demand for accessibility and education about it is huge, since accessible locations are not only useful for the disabled, but for the elderly, the families with small children or the temporary hurt people. Not to mention, these spots are more comfortable for everyone, like for universitiy students who often travel with suitcases, of for the elderly carriing huge shopping bags.

We treat everyone equal just like the People First Association, who are one of the city’s expert advisors in this field.

Amongst other actions, People First Association made a database on the institutions, tourist attractions, entertainment centres, accomodations and gastro lcoations, and collected real experiences. All this was used to make Pécs’s accessible database, which is available here. Their goal is to support people in independent living, accessibility and the education on accessible tourism.

Pécs városa folyamatosan törekszik arra, hogy támogassuk az akadálymentes Pécs elképzelést és igyekszünk, hogy semmi akadály ne álljon a Pécsiek és a városunkba érkező turisták elé.

Pécs strives towards supporting the ideas of Accessible Pécs and tries to do everything to eliminate any obstacle in the way of tourists and locals.

Our publication Pécs is Open for Everybody, which was made by the Municipality of the City of Pécs and People First Association is available now.