Animal activists
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Animal activists

There are several organisations working towards the benefit of animals. Some of them are:

Hachiko Animal Protection Association

The organisations works for the protection, rehabilitation, saving and adoption of animals. They fight against animal cruelty, they make sure no case of this nature goes unsolved.

Association for Ethical Animal Husbandry and Clean Environment

The goals of the organisation are education on ethical and responsible animal husbandry, the protection of clean environment and nature. They work on bringing the dog owners and non-dog people closer, in order to better the perception of dog owners in society. They also support animal protection and the education of the youth on animals and nature.

Misina Nature and Animal Protection Association

The aim of the organisation is to unite the people interrested in the protection of nature and animals, and the stopping of animal exploitation. They strive to alleviate and solve the problems arising from the animal keeping culture of the region, to provide shelter for abandoned and injured animals, to spread the use of cultured, animal-friendly animal husbandry, to disseminate knowledge, to make science education more practical, to spread a modern approach to nature conservation, to introduce Hungarian animal breeds, to enforce the Animal Protection Act. Horse riding, equestrian sports, sports, animal therapy, training of assistance dogs and their use, cultural activities.

Pécs Morpheus Animal Protection Association

The goal of the association is the saving of stray and abused animals, the arrangement of they healthcare and adoption. To create, promote and educate the conditions for cultural and responsible animal husbandry, to preserve the wildlife population and to promote the survival of native animals.