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Bagolyvár fogadó (Owl Castle Inn)

The History of Bagolyvár Fogadó

The inn operating as a family business opened its doors in 2002.

The plans of Bagolyvár Fogadó were made by decorated acrhitect Sándor Dévényi.

The furnishing concept of the 19-room building was conceived by the owners, Mária Behek and István Behek Barta, with the aim of creating a building with a unique image, rooms and furnishings that would create value, preserve and present tradition and be a culturally significant guest accommodation.

Before the opening of the hotel, the owner, Mária Behekné Barta Barta, travelled around the regions of Hungary, whose folk art suggested valuable and beautiful solutions, in order to achieve the goal of presenting the characteristics of each room with its unique furnishings. The furnishings of the rooms are determined by original Hungarian saddle-patterned tulip motifs, the work of which was entrusted to István Either, a woodcarver from Balatonmagyaród, who made the folk furniture, wonderful wardrobes, tulip chests, tables, trays, mirrors, etc., to great satisfaction.

The rooms have been compiled by the owner, Mária Behekné Barta, based on the information contained in the Dezső Malonyay “The Art of the Hungarian People” volumes. In the building complex of the Bagolyvár Inn you can find a “kékfestő” room, a “matyó” room, a “hetési” weavers’ room, a “Őrség pottery” room , a “buzsák” room, a “Heves palóc” room, a painted “Kalocsa” room, a “Sióagárd” room, a “sokac” room and a “Swabian” room (These are areas and ethnicities of Hungary). On the Transylvanian level of the Inn, there are rooms for the “Csík” room, the “Szék” room, the “Csángó” and the “Kalotaszegi” rooms, as well as the “Korondi”, the “Háromszéki” and the “Torockó” rooms.

In selecting the textiles for the rooms, the owner, both in Transylvania and at home, has sought to collect authentic treasures from as long ago as possible. By preserving and caring for the collected treasures and displaying old folk art objects, the owners have created a special atmosphere inside the Bagolyvár Inn.

The majority of the collection, consisting of hundreds of original and unique pieces, is made up of folk costumes, slings, robes, blouses, shirts, tablecloths and other fabrics, as well as ceramics.

The owners regularly organise traditional activities, not just for people staying overnight.

The uniqueness of Bagolyvár Inn was recognised with a Rosemary award by the Hungarian Tourism Ltd and the Flowering Hungary Award. The award was given for the creation of excellent gastronomy and environmental harmony.

In 2019, owner Mária Behekné Barta received a lifetime achievement award from the Pécs-Baranya County Chamber of Commerce and Industry for her creation and continuous care of high-quality gastronomy. Her work has also been recognised in the lexicon of successful personalities of Hungary.

The future plans of the Bagolyvár Inn include an exhibition of the folk art materials collected by the inn.