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Pumptrack at Lake Tüskésrét

Pumptracks are a relatively new form of biking. The tracks are made of waves and berms, riders roll on them not by pedaling, but by pumping (using the forces of physics). They are mostly made for bmx and dirt jump bikes, but they are useable with scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, or even with mountain bikes made for heavier terrain.

And why are pumptracks so popular these days?

  • pumptracks have no mandatory jumps or dangerous elements, making it fun for beginners and children
  • on the other hand, older and more experienced riders can perfect their bike handling skills and discover jumps and exciting lines on these tracks
  • asphalt covered pumptracks (like the one in Pécs) not just make you roll easily, but are more resistant to usage, the elements and can be used more days throughout the year than the ones made from dirt or with gravel
  • although pumping seems easy at first sight, a longer pumptrack session works great as a training

The pumptrack at Lake Tüskésrét was built as Hungary’s biggest. It has a “bigger” and a “smaller” circle, so it is suitable for a great range of ages and styles.