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Glove-making in Pécs

The Hamerli family established their manufactory in 1861, introducing industrial gloves production in Pécs. At that time, millions of high-quality leather gloves were made in European factories. Recently, most of the European gloves production has been relocated to factories in the Far-East for cost-effective reasons. Therefore, quality and time-consuming production technologies and craftmanship have become neglected. Pécs is the only place in the world now where traditional manual gloves making technologies are still being used. Craftsmen working in factories in the Far East do not learn traditional stepp sewing; thus, they have started to use a technology called false stepp sewing. Originally, every leather part is spliced, so only the edge of a single part is visible, the edge of the other part remains hidden under the stitches. Seamstresses work “blindly” using only their finger pads to create one-millimetre-wide stitches in hand-made gloves.

Source of photo: 1861 Kesztyűmanufaktúra Pécs