Bagolyvár Boardinghouse (Bagolyvár Panzió)
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Bagolyvár Boardinghouse (Bagolyvár Panzió)


Havihegy has famously fresh air, providing the opportunity of resting in a healthy and beautiful environment.

Since May 2003, a truly unique hotel has been operating in the heart of Mecsek. What makes it really special is its rooms decorated in nineteen different styles of Hungarian folk art. Besides the original furniture, guests can admire the panorama of Pécs in a quiet, calm surrounding.

The rooms recall historical folk motives, presenting the characteristic traditional furnishings and fabrics of certain Hungarian regions. In order to create the perfect atmosphere, corridors are decorated with old items to let visitors see what tools were used in rural households in the old days.

The area of Tettye park is a popular hiking destination, and one of the most beautiful hiking trails of Mecsek passes in front of the hotel.

Picture source: Bagolyvár Panzió Facebook oldal