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Our Partners

The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency  (HIPA) (Nemzeti Befektetési Ügynökség) providing investment promotion and management consulting services is governed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Their activities include:


  • providing free-of-charge business and sector specific professional consulting services via a single-window system;
  • organising professional events, visiting business premises, recommending investment sites,
  • mediating between international companies and Hungarian small and medium size companies;
  • organising supplier trainings, staying in touch with professional associations;
  • providing tailor-made offers and information packages on government aids and benefits.

The Hungarian Outsourcing and Service Association (HOA) (Magyar Szolgáltatóipari és Outsourcing Szövetség) supports and advocates the interests of service centres and their operators in the business services sector, the companies acting as their suppliers, and related educational and training institutions. The Hungarian Outsourcing and Service Association possesses relevant methods, expertise, and practical experience to familiarise economic players and the society with the activities of the business services sector and the importance of organisational innovation, and in particular, the potential inherent in outsourcing.

Inpark is the brand name for the Hungarian state owned National Industrial Park Management and Development Company (NIPÜF: Nemzeti Ipari Park Üzemeltető és Fejlesztő Zrt.). The industrial estate development activities of Inpark include the development of production, logistics, and warehouse facilities for Hungarian and international clients. It offers standardised or customised industrial estates to let and development lands for sale. Inpark provides fully comprehensive services from selecting and acquiring properties, infrastructure development, planning and permit procedures to implementation and long-term property management. Among others, Hanon Systems Kft. is operating on a site owned by Inpark in Pécs South Industrial Park and the most recent business premises of RABEN-Group is being built here as well.

Most properties in Pécs South Industrial Park are managed by Ipark Pécs Kft. The company has a lot of experience in the technological, legal, and economic aspects of industrial park development and can provide comprehensive services such as the preparation and the management of project applications, legal services, customised funding strategies, and HR services to companies seeking to settle down in the industrial park.

Investmentor Agency, based in Pécs, aims to help foreign companies/businesses to settle down and expand in Hungary in an economically suitable region. They help their clients establish a new company or expand their existing business activities in Hungary. They establish partnerships to provide support to their international clients and help them implement their developments. In spring 2010, Pécs Municipality renewed its co-operation agreement with Investmentor with the aim of attracting more investors to the region.

HR-Group provides human resources services to its partners in the automotive, electronics, food, energy, wood, metal, machinery, logistics, and production industries, as well as in the health care, real estate investment, and construction markets.

HR Rent Kft – a member of HR Group – has 15 years of experience in providing temporary employment and employment placement services. It also offers jobs to students, pensioners, and disadvantaged persons.

The Cluster has been helping the development of local cultural, creative, and innovative businesses since 2007. Its wide-ranging services include establishing and developing companies in the field of the culture industry, supporting joint acquisitions and events, finding research and development opportunities at the University of Pécs in the cultural and creative industries, establishing partnerships, and writing grant applications.

The American Chamber of Commerce Hungary (AmCham Hungary) is one of the most influential and reliable business organisations in the country that has advocated the interests of local and international businesses since 1989.

It is a politically independent organisation that is financed by its members. It has over 300 member companies that are dedicated to making Hungary more competitive in the region and in the world as well.

Pécs County Seat Municipality is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce Hungary.

The German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Deutsch Ungarische Industrie- und Handelskammer, DUIHK) was established to sustain and expand economic and business relations between the two countries. It has 900 member companies in Hungary employing approximately 200,000 people, making the organisation a significant player in Hungarian economy. This resource is used for advocating and representing the interests of its members, as well as furthering economic relationships between Hungary and Germany. Pécs County Seat Municipality is a member of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.