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Projects, programmes

Pécs City Fund

The municipality of Pécs County Seat announced at the end of March 2021 a plan to conclude a four-party agreement between MBF Investment and Asset Management Limited Liability Company (MBF Invest Befektetési és Vagyonkezelő Zrt.), FOCUS VENTURES Fund Management Company, the Municipality of Pécs County Seat, and Pécs Development Non-profit Company to establish Pécs City Fund with a subscribed capital of 3 billion Ft. The Charter of the Fund was approved by the Municipal Assembly on 4 June 2021; thus, the Fund supporting the development of Pécs based companies was officially established in June 2021.

MFB Investment and Asset Management Company, which is a member of the Hungarian Development Bank, made an investment of 3 billon Ft to provide equity funding with favourable conditions to businesses in Pécs and in Baranya County.

More information on Pécs City Fund is available on the website:

K20 Kirakat (K20 Shop-and-Window)

K20 Kirakat is the mutual initiative of Pécs Asset Management Company (Pécs Vagyonhasznosító Zrt.) and Pécs Municipality. K20 Kirakat is a business opportunity for innovative start-ups, providing them with business premises at 20 Király utca in the city centre with favourable rental conditions. The successful applicant can rent the 33 m2 property from Pécs Asset Management Company. The amount of the rent is net 40 000 Ft, and the winner receives free marketing communication training. During a trial period of 4 months, the entrepreneur can assess the demand for their services. Moreover, further help is provided to the business after the end of the fourth month: if the business relocates to a property owned by Pécs Asset Management Company, the lessee will pay staggered rent in the first year.

More information on K20 Kirakat and the eligibility criteria are available on the website of the initiative:


IT HUB Pécs was established in October 2020 to support information technology businesses in Pécs. IT HUB Pécs is based at a central location in Hattyú udvar, in an area of 280 m2. It seeks to bring together the companies of the local IT industry and to provide a modern and central venue for IT events and workshops organised in the region. IT HUB provides support to small IT start-ups that cannot afford to rent a downtown office: IT HUB provides favourable conditions to rent workstations for start-ups that can commence their business activities at a well-equipped and modern environment. The central location of the organisation serves as a hub for the local IT industry, facilitating networking and collaboration between local IT communities

Finding business partners, entering foreign markets

Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry is part of the Hungarian consortium consisting of only eight members that is a member organisation of Enterprise Europe Network. Enterprise Europe Network seeks to help small and medium size companies to enter foreign markets within the European Union. Having solid relations and relevant experience, Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry can help local small and medium size companies utilize the benefits and the opportunities offered by the Programme.

For more information about the Programme, please visit the website of Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.