Support services
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Support services

Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta


Drog Ambulance


Drog Stop (24 hours)

Blue link (Kék Vonal)

Child and youth support hotline (0-24 hours)


LMBT Support line of Háttér Society

Free hotline, available every day between 18 and 23 hours

“NANE” Association (hotline for women and children victims of abuse)

Free hotline, available between 18 and 22 hours

“Szemem fénye” – Foundation for sick children

Free transport service for children with cancer

Pécs Youth Emotional Support Group

free hotline available on weekdays between 17 and 21 hours


“Támasz” Foundation central call centre

TÁMASZ Daytime Centre

Támasz Foundation Daytime Shelter

Támasz Foundation Social Street Service

Támasz Foundation’s Healthcare Centre of the homeless


Healthcare Centre of the Homeless

Támasz Foundation

Women’s Temporary Home and Night Shelter

Támasz Foudation

Men’s Temporary Shelter

Támasz Foundation

Men’s Night Shelter

Támasz Foundation

Nursing home of the homeless