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The Bread of Hungarians Programme (Magyarok Kenyere Program)

The Bread of Hungarians Programme, launched in 2011, was conceived by university professor Dr. László Korinek and was sponsored by Dr. Zsolt Páva the mayor of Pécs County Seat. Hungarian farmers within and outside the border of Hungary joined forces to help children in need. Tons of wheat were collected nationwide and then shipped to Zakarpattia Oblast and Transylvania with the help civil organisations. Hundreds of generous and selfless farmers and altruist civil organisations combined their efforts to provide bread to many hungry children living in poverty.

The programme is linked to the national holiday on 20 August celebrating new bread as a symbol of national unity. The collected wheat coming from every Hungarian county and from territories populated by Hungarians in Zakarpattia Oblast is poured together and ground in Pécs where the festive bread commemorating 20 August is made.

The local offices of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture organise county wheat collection days and bread festivals. The venue of the central event is Pécs where the ground wheat is blessed, and the bread of Hungarians is made on 20 August. Singer and composer László Tolcsvay’s song, especially written for this event, makes the programme even more colourful and cordial.