The multi-ethnic city

Preserving and nurturing cultural diversity and traditions are important values today. Pécs and Baranya County welcome and accept different ethnicities and their diverse cultural traditions. Pécs has always been a multi-ethnic city which is evidenced by the various names the city has been called throughout history: Pečuh in Croatian, Fünfkirchen in German, Печуј in Serbian, Peçuy in Turkish, its Latin name was Quinque Ecclesiae in the Middle Ages and Sopianae in Ancient Times. German, Croatian, and Hungarian traditions co-exist peacefully in Pécs, making social life attractive and the city liveable for everyone.

In addition to their distinct traditions, the various ethnic groups living in Baranya County have contributed to the social and economic development of the region. Their distinct languages, work ethics, innovative mindset, international affiliations have had a positive effect on the region’s development.


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