The liveable city

Pécs is the fifth largest city in Hungary. It is also the administrative, economic, financial, educational, research, ecclesiastical, and cultural centre of the Southern Transdanubia Region with culturally, socially, and linguistically diverse people. To develop sustainable economy, the city of Pécs seeks to preserve and expand its inherited and acquired values and achievements. Companies and businesses can thrive in Pécs because it is an easily accessible city, it provides high quality education at all levels, it has a lively cultural scene, public utilities are installed across the city, there are many local businesses that can function as suppliers, and the University of Pécs, the local Chamber of Industry, and the local government are open to collaborating with potential investors.

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Pécs has earned the reputation of providing high living standards. Life in Pécs is harmonious due to its Mediterranean climate, the highest number of sunny days in the country, the green natural border of Mecsek Mountain, the bustling cultural and community life, and peaceful family life. The values of Pécs appeal to the young generations who may appreciate these values more than their ancestors.

Pécs was third placed in 2007 and second placed in 2008 in the international competition of “liveable communities” (LivCom Awards) in the population category of 75,000-200,000 people.

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