Natural treasures

Pécs and its vicinity are abundant in natural treasures. A unique geological formation resulting in the cave system known as Tettye Tufa Cave, Pintér-Garden Arboretum, Melegmány-Valley Nature Reserve, Jakab Mountain Nature Reserve preserving the geological, cultural, and historical values of West Mecsek, Duna-Drava National Park, the Botanic Garden that has become a nature reserve in the county, and Pro Silva educational trail are all in or in the vicinity of Pécs. The picturesque environment of Pécs Lake (along with three other lakes in Orfű) is an excellent place for sporting, recreational, and eco-touristic activities. The medieval castle tours, the thermal baths, and the agritourism of the Villány-Siklós Wine Route provide memorable recreational experiences to tourists and locals alike.


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